Would you like to 
re-energise your legal career so you can:

  • Land your dream job in a role where you will thrive?
  • Secure your next promotion - to senior associate, counsel, partner, or into a more senior in-house role?
  • Start in a new role with impact so that you position yourself as the 'one to watch'?

But you can't at the moment because...

  • Your career isn't going in the direction you thought it would and no one seems willing to support you in changing course 
  • You worry you’re in the wrong job, but that if you leave you'll have failed and wasted all the time you've invested in your legal career 
  • You're frustrated and feeling lost because you've had interviews, but not been made any offers
  • You've landed a great new job and you want to start afresh without making the same mistakes all over again
  • You've been told to stick it out and you'll be promoted, but you're still stuck where you've been for several years
  • You want satisfaction and meaning from your professional life, but you don't have a clue how to get it 
  • You have no idea how to show your worth to sponsors or recruiters 
  • You're fed up with watching other people getting great work and mentorship, and you can't understand why you're not
  • You're wondering how you can keep going when you’re feeling so tired and bored and burnt-out
  • You have absolutely no idea what you need to do to get ahead in your career

I hear all of these problems regularly from lawyers who have loads of potential, but they feel really stuck...

But here's the good news....

The Lawyers Career Mastermind is for confused lawyers
who feel they're at a crossroads in their career
and who want to get their professional life back on track

It's ideal if you want to: 

  • Devise a step-by-step long-term career strategy in line with your values and what's important to you that you can use throughout your professional life
  • Develop an empowered mindset so that you can boost your confidence and conquer your imposter monster once and for all
  • Understand what makes you tick so that you can find the job that makes you want to bounce out of bed in the morning
  • Harness your personal brand so that you can be authentic and true to yourself throughout your professional life

Here's how the Lawyers Career Mastermind
will benefit you if you want to:

your dream job

  • Create an ideal job spec and never be seduced by shiny gimic 'benefits' or sub-optimal roles 
  • Boost your CV to highlight the value and results you offer so that recruiters are clamouring to meet you 
  • Leverage the power of LinkedIn to tap into the 'hidden job market' & attract your perfect role to you 
  • Create a compelling elevator pitch to show why you're the must-hire candidate 
  • Protect your brand when working with recruiters 
  • Answer interview questions to demonstrate your worth and get hiring managers to say yes!  
  • Avoid going out of the frying pan into the fire by testing a role for a cultural fit  
  • Navigate the offer process to ask for what you want
  • Devise your 100 day plan to start your new role with impact  

secure your next promotion

  • Create your personal path-to-promotion strategy, with key dates and deliverables so you don't miss a step
  • Build out a business case that makes it easy for partners or your senior management to say 'yes'!
  • Use LinkedIn to position yourself as a thought-leader in your sector
  • Devise a business development plan that showcases you as a proactive must-promote candidate
  • Demonstrate your readiness for promotion during your meetings with sponsors 
  • Identify opportunities to shine and those to avoid in your path to promotion
  • Develop leadership and team management skills that build loyalty and enthusiasm

create impact
in your new role

  • Develop an empowered mindset so that you start your new role afresh and you don't risk repeating old unproductive patterns
  • Identify and develop your strategy to impress the stakeholders who will support you in your new role
  • Get under the skin of your new professional environment so that you set the right tone from the start
  • Plan how to demonstrate your enthusiasm and ideas when meeting your new team and colleagues
  • Build productive relationships and expand your network from the get-go
  • Manage your internal reputation from Day 1 to position yourself as 'one to watch'

Or read on to find out more.....

Here's what's included in your
Lawyers Career Mastermind

7 hours of one-to-one coaching with Paula via Zoom or Teams
Fortnightly group coaching sessions with other Mastermind lawyers
Lifetime access to my unique online learning portal which contains up to 12 modules of pre-recorded video lessons, together with exercises and downloadable worksheets 
WhatsApp support in between coaching sessions so that you never get stuck and you always get your questions answered to keep you moving forward
Membership of the Mastermind Alumni Group which includes invitations to special edition webinars and access to my extensive network across the legal profession and beyond

Here's what lawyers are saying about the Lawyers Career Mastermind 

6 years' PQE Associate, US firm
"I was really struggling to find purpose and direction in my career and signing up for Paula’s Lawyers Career Mastermind was exactly what I needed. It has changed my outlook on my career and I now feel confident and optimistic about what lies ahead. It’s been a brilliant investment in myself and I honestly wish I had discovered it earlier. I wholeheartedly recommend Paula to any lawyer feeling stuck in their career."
'Linda', Senior In-House Legal Counsel
"Paula not only understands the way lawyers think, but she really cares about her clients. Her carefully balanced, straight-talking approach drills down into what you’re thinking and why, then helps you create strategies to secure the outcome you want. Paula’s mentoring has enabled me to secure a job in a new sector in a far shorter timeframe than I’d have managed on my own.
I cannot recommend Paula highly enough."
6 years' PQE Litigator, now in a new firm with a bright future
"Before I started working with Paula, I was unsure whether I wanted to continue in law. I couldn't see an obvious way to reconcile the issues that were affecting me at work with remaining in the profession.

Paula has helped me to think about the next stage of my career in new and challenging ways. Her approach was more holistic than I expected and, coupled with the invaluable weekly group sessions, hugely effective. It was incredibly reassuring to meet other lawyers who had similar concerns and with whom ideas and strategies could be discussed freely and safely.

The biggest result has been that I now have a much better understanding of how I work and what is important to me. This has boosted my confidence considerably and enabled me to secure a new  position which would not have been possible without Paula’s help and ‘inside knowledge’ of the industry.

Paula highly personable, responsive and incredibly generous with her time. She has also worked with some of the best law firms in the UK and abroad and can therefore relate to any issues you may want to discuss. 

This programme should be looked at as an investment which can benefit your career immeasurably. I cannot recommend it enough." 


Please note that all client testimonials are anonymised to preserve
the Masterminder's privacy.
All conversations with Paula will remain entirely confidential.

I've used my 25 years' experience as a lawyer and coach with some of the world's most prestigious law firms to create a flexible career advancement framework with a proven track record of helping time-poor lawyers to: 

  • build their confidence 
  • enhance their professional reputation and 
  • advance their career within 3 to 6 months

Why is coaching lawyers so important to me?

When I was in practice, I had no support or sponsorship of any kind.

Now I hate to see others going through the same stress and frustration of not knowing how to stand up for themselves and make things happen in their career.

Law firms usually only invest in coaching at partner or path-to-partnership level and it's a glaring omission in my view that all lawyers aren't encouraged to be the best they can be through more tailored support.

Though my Mastermind, I want to empower as many lawyers as possible to enjoy their work, live an empowered and authentic life, being true to themselves and fulfilling their purpose.

After all, we only get one shot at this!

Are you ready?
Let's talk...

The Lawyers Career Mastermind is so much more than career coaching...

It's a transformative career advancement programme that reconnects you with your confidence, where you will develop your long-term career strategy in alignment with who you truly are, harness your brand and start making the impact that will get you noticed.

So, are you ready and willing to invest in advancing your career?