Case Studies & Testimonials

I know that my Lawyers Career Mastermind will transform how you view your career and all the possibilities open to you, but don't take my word for it.

Here are just some of the comments my clients have made about working with me.

They are anonymous to preserve the Masterminder's privacy.
All conversations with me remain entirely confidential.

6 years' PQE financial regulation associate, US firm

"When I reached out to Paula, I was struggling to find purpose and direction in my career.  I knew I wanted to escape private practice and move in house but having spoken with recruiters who talked me into interviewing for roles I didn’t want, I was unclear about what I should be aiming for and whether my ambitions were realistic.  I was focused on the things I felt were holding me back rather than what I could be doing to move myself forward.

 Signing up for Paula’s Lawyers Career Mastermind coaching programme was exactly what I needed.  Within the first month I had implemented positive changes in my current role and felt much more focused and motivated, on a day-to-day basis at work and in my job search.  Working through the online modules I figured out what my values are, created my ideal job spec and learned how to demonstrate my value to prospective employers, among many other things.  A bonus was understanding how to leverage LinkedIn which wasn’t something I had even thought about before but soon put into practice with Paula’s expert tips.  

The one-on-one sessions with Paula were extremely productive and each time I came away with clear, pragmatic advice and often ideas.  The group coaching sessions were another source of inspiration and guidance, with interesting questions being raised.  Paula was always super responsive, incredibly generous with her time and went above and beyond in reaching out from time to time with insight and opportunities – it is clear that as a coach she is hugely invested in her clients.    

For me, the Mastermind has changed my outlook on my career and I feel confident and optimistic about what lies ahead.  It’s been a brilliant investment in myself and I honestly wish I had discovered it earlier.  I’d wholeheartedly recommend Paula to any lawyer feeling stuck in their career."

10 years' PQE in-house legal counsel

"Before I started working with Paula, most of my time and energy was spent working or thinking about work.  I found it difficult to compartmentalise work and my default approach was to do “whatever it takes”, even if this meant sacrificing my own time and happiness.  As a result, I was worried that a career in law wasn’t sustainable.

Despite being aware of this, I didn’t feel that I had the tools to modify the way I was working – but this all changed after enrolling onto Paula’s programme. Paula really helped me to understand why I was taking the approach that I was and why certain things would cause me stress at work.  This enabled me to understand the things I value in my career and how I can approach work in a way that aligns with these values, leading to greater job satisfaction.  

Paula’s extensive experience of the legal industry shone through as she was able to relate to real-life scenarios and provide advice that was pragmatic and realistic. The biggest result has been that I feel much more self-aware and confident.  In particular, I have a much better understanding of the value I bring through my work and how I can demonstrate this, which is empowering.  All of this has really helped with my time management and energy levels.  

I’m so glad that I joined Paula’s Lawyers Career Mastermind coaching programme and would highly recommend it to anyone who feels they need to make a positive change in their career."

'Linda', Senior In-house Head of Legal in a new sector

"Before I started my coaching sessions with Paula I was very unhappy at work and knew that I had to change jobs but felt overwhelmed and unable to take any steps to achieve this due to the uncertain financial climate caused by Covid.

From the first introductory session with Paula I realised that she not only understands the way lawyers think (which is really important for me) but also really cares about her clients. Paula has a carefully balanced straight talking approach, really drilling down into what you’re thinking and why and then helping you create strategies to secure the outcome you want.

Paula’s materials on the course, group coaching sessions and particularly the one-to-one coaching sessions have been invaluable and provided me with the tools I needed to prepare to resign, search for a new job, secure a new job and start that job. I have learnt many skills along the way which I know I will always find useful. I am so glad that I saw Paula’s LinkedIn post when I did and made that first appointment for an introductory chat.

Paula helped me get into the right mindset to move, breaking seemingly impossible tasks into manageable chunks. Ultimately it was Paula’s advice that enabled me to apply for and secure a job in a new sector in a far shorter timeframe than I’d have managed in my own. I cannot recommend Paula highly enough." 

3.5 years' PQE associate with a West End firm

"Before I started working with Paula, I regularly felt that I had little control over my workload or my career and that I was just a pawn in the game.  But I’m so glad I made the leap and booked onto her programme.

Paula really helped me to sit down objectively and think about what I valued, where I needed to focus my attention and most importantly what was in my power to make sure my career moved in the direction I wanted it to. I found all of our sessions hugely valuable. Paula challenged me to get the best of myself.

The Mastermind is not an easy process (it shouldn't be!) and being challenged in the way I was proved hugely valuable. Paula made me think about my career in ways I had not thought of before.

Working with Paula has changed the way I approach my working life. I don't find myself dreading Monday morning in the same way anymore. I also don't have the spells of disillusionment I used to have with the life of being a lawyer. This is in large part because Paula has helped me to instil in myself a mindset and mental attitude where I can take autonomy for my career and handle career challenges myself.  Now, I am far clearer about my goals moving forward and even when I have a bad day at work, I am far better able to respond to these setbacks.

I cannot recommend Paula’s Lawyers Career Mastermind coaching programme enough if you need help with your career, your working life, and progress your career either in your current role or somewhere else."

April 2022: This Masterminder has just been promoted to Senior Associate at 4.5 years' PQE, just 6 months after graduating from the LCM.

Senior derivatives in-house legal counsel, moving into a new sector

"When I first met Paula, I knew that I wanted to take the next step-up in my in-house career and to change the legal area I am in - but recruiters only considered me for roles very similar to the one I am in.

 The program is great as it is very comprehensive and covers many different aspects.  As part of it, the one-to-one sessions with Paula and her invaluable tips, I determined what I really want in my next job and learned how to approach recruiters to put me forward for jobs for which I only have 50% of the skills required, how to use LinkedIn so that recruiters find me and how to ace interviews."

Since working with Paula, this has completely changed - recruiters have been contacting me for roles that were out of reach for me previously.  In fact, I have just secured a head of legal role with my ideal target company." 

'DR' is a 6-year PQE litigator, 

"Before I started working with Paula, I was unsure whether I wanted to continue in law. I couldn't see an obvious way to reconcile the issues that were affecting me at work with remaining in the profession.

The fact that I know so many dissatisfied lawyers seemed to reinforce my impression that being tired and frustrated were the unavoidable ‘trade offs’ of working in a (largely) prestigious and well-paid industry.   

After months of procrastinating, I made took the decision to enrol in the Lawyers Career Mastermind with the intention of leaving law altogether if things didn’t improve.

Paula has really helped me to think about the next stage of my career in new and challenging ways. A great deal of emphasis was placed on understanding my own individual needs and values and how to put structures in place to achieve them.

The approach was more holistic than I expected and, coupled with the invaluable weekly group sessions, hugely effective. It was incredibly reassuring to meet other lawyers who had similar concerns and with whom ideas and strategies could be discussed freely and safely.  

The biggest result has been that I now have a much better understanding of how I work and what is important to me. This has boosted my confidence considerably and enabled me to secure numerous interviews and introductions that would not have been possible without Paula’s help.

My expectation that the process would simply involve tweaking my CV and running through some interview questions was completely misconceived. This is a course that empowers you to take control of what you want.  

Paula highly personable, responsive and incredibly generous with her time. She has also worked with some of the best law firms in the UK and abroad and can therefore relate to any issues you may want to discuss.

This programme should be looked at as an investment which can benefit your career immeasurably. I cannot recommend it enough."

Senior litigator, now in-house counsel 

"Before I started career coaching with Paula, I felt 'stuck'. Yes, I had a good job but I was starting to feel pigeon-holed and didn't know how to change my career direction.   

Paula gave me the tools and insight to question where I wanted my career to go and how to get there.

Through our one-on-one calls, together with her mindset tools, I realised that I wanted to move into a completely different area in the legal industry.  I also felt I had confidence to do this from Paula's holistic approach to career progression, something I was missing 12 months previously due to self-limiting beliefs.  

Through working with Paula over the last 6 months, I have built a positive mindset which prepared me for interviews for positions which were very different from my private practise role.  

I have now obtained the right job for me as in-house counsel for an international corporate.  

I cannot recommend Paula enough - professionally she goes above and beyond and personally she is a really lovely person.


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